Me-and-my-workThis is me, Cherie Prins, potter, ceramicist, artist, designer and teacher. Pottery for me is not a hobby or a play medium, but my God-given passion.

It is a way of life, some may say. Once this medium consumes you, you will never want to work with anything else.

Coming from a family of artists, I was searching for that one art form I knew I would come to love.

It all began in 1999 when pottery was my chosen subject in school. I really enjoyed the freedom clay offered and the ability to create something beautiful from an ancient medium found in the ground, used by the earliest man and many cultures throughout the world.  After school I worked for Hennie Meyer where the knowledge I gained, working for a master potter, was invaluable.

Spreading my wings, I dabbled in various lines of occupations, but my love for clay always pulled at my heart’s strings.  I returned to clay when God gave me word to open a studio and start teaching in 2009.

Currently, I teach a beautiful bunch of students and host groups several times a week in Bellville, Cape Town.

When I rest, I create my own work for markets, a few selected shops and private orders for individuals and companies. I find inspiration in nature and everything magnificent God created.  This definitely fuels my passion to never stop dreaming of new creations!

In the process of broadening my knowledge, I studied Ceramic Restoration and Conservation at SAINST (The South African Institute for Objects Conservation) in 2009, which is a completely different specialized “art form”.

I have taken part in a National Ceramic Exhibition, where one of my pieces was purchased and now forms part of the National South African Heritage Museum’s collection.  More recently I won second place in a ceramic surface design competition.

My passion for clay, the endless possibilities and my love of teaching is only the beginning of beautiful things God has planned for me and my studio.


~ Never be afraid to create with clay, there is no such thing as a disaster, only happy mistakes ~