Teamwork is vision.
It is the fuel that allows common
people to attain uncommon results
Andrew Camegie

Cherie Prins


Hi, this is me Cherie, behind the scenes I fight off gremlins with my rubber kidney and needle tool, I am a recovering Pinterest junky and I lay awake nights dreaming of what I want to make next! In real life I am a mom of a gorgeous little girl, I run a household and run the Ck-ramics Pottery Studio machine. I love encouraging people and never back down from a challenge. When I dream, I dream big and I thrive on excelling. I believe that no one ever has to settle with the cards they are dealt, but with guidance, grace and support one can achieve anything one sets out to do. Never dream too small, be patient and be kind to yourself. I was a student of Hennie Meyer way back when and then became his studio assistant for 4 years. Ceramics was one of my subjects in school and I loved the endless possibilities with clay. Some of my work is part of The National Museum of South African Art and I also supply to a few stores. I custom make items for a few companies as well.

Marianka Stolsie

Manager/Right hand man

I am Marianka. Cherie and I have been friends for 30 years. For the past 4 years I have been Cherie’s right hand man, mass producer, walking calendar and standby teacher in the studio. I am also a mom of four. (So in other words basically superwoman!) Cherie is an amazing teacher and taught me everything I know about ceramics. I see myself as creative and a people’s person. I love learning and have a can do attitude, no matter the challenge. Ck-ramics doesn’t just give me “me-time” from my hectic home life with 4 munchkins, but I get to be creative, learn something new daily and also help amazing students alongside my best friend.

Linda Kossmann


My name is Linda. Art has always been a passionate affair for me. Whether I paint, draw, teach, design or pot around. It was always part of my life and will always be. My first exhibition of watercolours happened when I was still in high school. Several exhibitions followed and finally the urge to form and shape with clay crowned my creative side. I teach pottery to adults and kids at Ck-ramics Pottery Studio and love to inspire!

Juanita Kloppers


I am Juanita, one of Cherie’s students. I did pottery at school (many years ago…) Painting was my choice of art, but when I started ceramics I fell in love with it. After studies I worked in the corporate environment for 6 years and went overseas. In Ireland I did Pottery at a studio in Kinsale, County Cork, and remembered how much I loved it. Only years later and when I returned to SA, I found Ck-ramics and joined the studio. I love working with clay, much more than being in an office environment.